Enjoy the Ride 098

ENJOY THE RIDE is a travel management solution which optimizes the business travellerís customer journey. Enjoy The Rideís mission is to bring joy back in business travel.

64% of business travellers use consumer sites to get better prices; more than half of business travellers (53%) felt their companyís approach is wasting money. Half of them (50%) saw it affecting bottom lines and negatively impacting their productivity due to inflexible tools, opaque processes, and lack of on-demand support.

In short, happy travellers are more highly productive and loyal employees, and yields better results for client meetings and internal customers.
Internationaal treinreizen en een goed geintegreerd mobility-as-a-service platform is de toekomst voor een duurzame transport en reissector waarmee we de doelstellingen van het klimaatakkoord van Parijs kunnen halen. Sterker nog het is de enige manier.